Let me tell you a story

I used to be a writer.

No, nobody you’ve heard of. Nobody who makes cameo appearances in his own movies or has wikipedia entries about the worlds he’s created and destroyed.

Amateur hack, probably sums it up best.

They told me I was good at it, so I kept it up for a while. Made some friends. Made some fans. Made a few people upset.

Maybe it went to my head a little. Maybe it didn’t go to my head ENOUGH. Honestly, I don’t know WHAT happened, but somewhere along the way, I got… confused.

Too many stories wanting to be told. Too much freedom… and not enough time to explore even a fraction of it. Too many tangents; too many experiments. Too many things I COULD do, so why not…?

Because the real world won’t let you, that’s why not. You may be billy badass in your own made-up fantasy worlds, but THIS world wants things from you that you can’t deliver if you’re off playing superhero crimelord demonkiller. Eventually you realize you can’t do it all, so you have to pick something and try to make it work.

What if you pick wrong?

Well… let me tell you a story…

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