Out With The Old

Time for an admission.

I hate the DarkIcon.com website.

I’ve hated it for a long time. Specifically, the way it looks. The layout sucks. It always has.
A few years ago I took the website from a collection of raw .html pages to a fancy php-drive Content Management System (CMS) called “phpwebsite”. It took a lot of time, effort and frustration.

I would say “At the end of that process, I…” but no, that would be incorrect. That process never ended. Once I got started, I realized the incredible limitations that the CMS placed on me, and how hard I would have to work to make the site anything CLOSE to what I thought it deserved to be. Some of it came to downright hacking of the code… and learning PHP was something I wasn’t wanting to do at the time. So I made my first compromise and decided on working within the system. I decided on a theme and started cranking out graphics and…

…basically got sick of the whole thing and stopped. The current darkicon.com website is a work in progress, but the progress stopped years ago. There are still pages that promise graphics and content, and have been making those empty promises for years. I just couldn’t do it any more.

When I did the Book of Dark places website I quickly ended up with what the original darkicon.com website was: a collection of hand-crafted pages. Only this time I used php code to create easily-modifiable sections. I’m not saying that the BoDP site is the greatest thing since grits, but given the choice I’d rather spend time turning THAT site into something amazing than trying to do the same with darkicon.com. At least with BoDP I know I’m not limited to arbitrary options resulting from some programmer’s code.

Screw that.

So the darkicon.com website is changing. Again. I’m making the long-overdue decision to ditch phpwebsite and recreate the pages by hand.

HOWEVER, I currently don’t have the time, energy, or mental stability to come up with a new design. So I’m crafting an ultra-simple interim design (black background, white text) that can be expanded later on…. or not. I might like the interim design, I dunno. Then I have to rescue my text from the clutches of the evil PHPWEBSITE database and re-convert it into plain old html. That’s a lot of text, and it will take a long time. It’s a process I’d like to get started on sooner rather than later (thus the simple interim design), and maybe by the end of the year I can have everything in place… just in time for whatever the hell I’m going to do to try and make money off this thing.

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