Frozen Hearts

Another novel ready for the new format. Frozen Hearts is my favorite piece of work by far. The best villain (Faction). The best fights (Zade vs. Faction). The highest level of outright destruction of any of my stories at the time (although I believe I topped it with December Nights 2). Probably the most emotional impact of any story at the time (but definitely surpassed by Hanging Tree). This is the story that I STILL get occasional fan mail about, years after the fact. But honestly… none of that matters. The bottom line is that this story was the most fun to write! That’s probably due to the fight scenes… you know I just LOVE a good fight scene…


  1. nate, September 9, 2009:

    As much as I liked Faction, and would love to see more of the Ysuin, I thinkn I like Chain a bit more. There’s only one of him, not counting the changeling, and he’s still out there.

    Heck, while I’m at it, I’d also like to see more of the priests of iron and fire.

    K’Sano is also always a treat to read about. That’s a flashback that might be worthwhile at some point.

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