The Expedition

The last full-length fantasy novel has joined its brothers in The Library. This one isn’t a December novel, although he and several related characters do make cameo appearances in the early chapters.

This story has a rather interesting origin. A close writer/artist friend of mine had an idea: Work together and write a story featuring the most original kick-ass characters we could come up with… and kill them in the the most unique and entertaining ways imaginable. The rules? None! No holds barred; anyone can die at any moment. After we got started, my friend dropped out of the project due to time issues, and gave me permission to write his characters in his absence. The project continued, but it was a lot less fun. Not that the fans complained. Oh no… THIS story got me tons of emails. The fans absolutely loved it. I’m sure some of them were disappointed when one of their favorite characters got the axe, but that’s the nature of storytelling. At least it is when I’M the one telling the story.

For all those who wrote either asking me about their favorite characters and/or the possibility of a sequel, I have this to offer:

If you didn’t see it happen… anything goes.

The fate of several of the characters was intentionally vague for a reason. Werewolf and I tossed around several ideas for a sequel, and I even did a plot outline for one. It obviously never happened, but even without a direct sequel to The Expedition, there was ALWAYS a plan to weave the events and characters of this story into the mainstream presented in the December novels and stories. Some of that had already started to happen. At least two characters have turned up in subsequent tales… and who knows, maybe others will as well.


  1. WeREwOLf, August 22, 2007:

    “The project continued, but it was a lot less fun.”

    Maybe for YOU. Personally, I loved what you did with the characters I created…

    …especially Rath. On one hand I’m pissed off, and on the other hand quite satisfied, that you wrote my own characters better than I could. Frankly, Rath wouldn’t be half as fun to read about if it weren’t for you taking over his ‘voice’. I created him as a killing machine for hire; you gave him individuality and a sense of ruthless honor. As far as I’m concerned, he’s all yours.

  2. nate, December 4, 2009:

    I just finished re-reading this one, and the introductor chapters to Polar. I’ve got the character outlines for a proposed sequal to Epedition that you posted several years ago too, not to mention the segments from Flash Forward.

    I’m not sure which I’d like to see more: Polar, or the sequal to Expedition.

    What was up with the glasses that Rath wore? They were described at one point as mechanical, and mentioned several times, so I suspect they have some significance.

    Did Dokan survive? What about Rath and Thonia? Too many questions left over.

    Gee, I miss the old days.

  3. DarkIcon, December 4, 2009:

    Immediately following the end of Expedition, I was thinking that anyone you didn’t see die right in front of you had a chance of being alive in a future story. Right now it’s unlikely there will be a direct sequel to The Expedition, as my list of stories to write is long and it isn’t near the top. However I did have a few things planned for specific characters that didn’t involve a direct sequel, instead having them turn up unexpectedly in other stories. In fact, if I remember correctly, almost none of the original cast was involved the sequel. The Cthrain would, of course, but not the mere humans.

  4. nate, December 4, 2009:

    Yeah. I know Lara has showed up again. I keep hoping to see Dokan again too. Just wanted to let you know that the old stories are good enough to occasionally go back to.

  5. DarkIcon, December 4, 2009:

    Anyone who likes the old stuff: Please recommend it to other people. Even if I stop writing right now, there’s a lot of material to keep a new reader busy for a long long while.

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