SEO Masturbation

So, am I going to post a blog entry here for EVERY story that I convert from the old format to the new format? …like it’s some big fucking announcement even though all I did was cut and paste some HTML?

Hell yeah!
Why? Two words:

SEO Masturbation

All those posts contain links to the stories in The Library. Those pages being linked-to are new, the search engines don’t know about them yet. Constantly linking to myself in such a manner will help the new pages get indexed, which will come in handy when I eventually get around to rebuilding my audience.

And remember… even though you may be reading these words mere hours after I’m writing them, as of July 17, 2007 I am STILL writing for an audience of one: Myself. Read if you want to, but I am not expecting any readers just yet (even though I know you are out there). So those posts announcing stories being restored in the Library are done for reasons that currently don’t involve other people…. like masturbation. Only with this, the “big payoff” is quicker indexing and pagerank.

…not that I know anything about masturbation. No, never…

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