What else

So what else am doing besides working on the site redesign?

Nothing concrete. Not writing.

But I’ve been doing a lot of THINKING about writing, which is generally a good sign. In particular, I’ve been working up plots for two stories that are in heavy mental competition to be the next December novel. They are both ideas I had a while back, although one is from a lot further back than the other. This isn’t a “one or the other” kind of decision, but a “which one first” decision, since I think both stories deserve to be written.

I’m also giving a bit of mental energy to some non-writing projects that I’ve been flirting with for a while. Game development, anyone? Would you play game that was designed or even co-designed by Dark Icon? Don’t get the wrong idea, I’ve been toying with the game-designing idea for a long long time, and I’m well aware of the fucking TREMENDOUS amount of time and energy it takes to create a marketable product. Mostly what I’m doing is daydreaming, but it is daydreaming with a purpose. That purpose being to make enough notes on my ideas so that if I ever do find time, energy, partners, and/or investors, I can have something to start with. But wait, I think I just found a partner…

Other than those two things (and this blog), I’m not doing much else. And I don’t plan to do much else for the next little while. There are certain personal, financial issues that are demanding a lot of focus from me, and THAT stuff isn’t going away any time soon. Once it does… if it does… then I’ll expand my activities a bit.

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