Magekiller always makes me a little sad… like a child that died young. That concept had so much potential, but it just didn’t get the attention that it deserved. I have no one to blame for that but myself. I was trying to do way too much at once, and I ended up with only three short stories out of a concept that could have spawned multiple novels. There are (or were, damned hard drives!) copious notes about things I WANTED to do, but it just didn’t happen. Too much inspiration… not enough time.

Of course, there’s nothing stopping me from continuing the series, but as good as that concept was, I should have continued it long before now. I should have as many Magekiller novels as December novels, if not more. No… definitely more.

When you read the existing stories, I’m sure you’ll agree.


  1. nate, December 31, 2008:

    I agree. And I also seem to remember from the Asylum Walls that there was someone else who was going to write a story in that same world, with your blessing. I think it was from a psionicist’s point of view, but not positive.

    Oh well, another great series that died before it should have.

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