Horror stories in the Library

Sixteen of ’em.
That’s pretty much all of them, although there may be one or two scattered around in the Asylum Walls that I haven’t retrieved yet. Some of these stories date back to the OLD days… before darkicon.com… back when I wanted to be the next Stephen King.

Clearly, I am NOT Stephen King, but there are a few favorites (of fans AND myself) among the sixteen that I just uploaded. Like:

The Young Ones – probably my first foray into serial fiction. It’s supposed to be a horror story, but it turned out to be more of a supernatural urban action tale. It has more violence than horror. But that doesn’t make it a bad story. On the contrary, I earned quite a few fans with that one. It’s a close cousin to an even earlier story, Night of the Cops… which is heavier on the horror but still has lots of gunplay. Are both of these stories early ancestors of my Crusade series? Yes, I’d say that they were. Take either of these tales, strip out most of the profanity, and what you’d have left is perfect candidate for Crusade.

Then there is the Inquisitors. This story exists pretty much as a DIRECT answer to some criticism I was receiving for having too much fantasy and not enough horror on the site. Understand that in the OLD days, this was a horror website, and the ratio of fantasy to other content was pretty much the inverse of what it is now. When the balance started to tip, people wondered if I had given up the action/horror stuff that had brought them here. They wrote emails. I wrote Inquisitors. The story draws heavy inspiration from the FX-filled “House on Haunted Hill” and similar haunted-house movies that were new around that time. I was trying to re-create those atmospheres… only darker. I think I succeeded. This story shares a setting with two others: Shhh! and Heavy. All three of them take place in the fictional haunted town of October Falls. This haunted area of south Georgia was going to be my version of Lovecraft’s New England and Stephen King’s Maine. It was such a major player in my “big plans” that it even got a mention in December Nights 2, a story of a completely different genre. But then, given the tone and events of December Nights 2, perhaps the genre isn’t as different as I first thought. I had such plans for October Falls… sadly, none of them materialized. A few notes and some story fragments are all that I have left. For now.

What else…. oh yes!

Hope, Bags, Second Chance, and A Little Evil! This quartet can be mistaken for a series, but really they aren’t. They share a very popular character… not even a MAIN character…but really the stories are completely separate. Yes, this may be one of the only times in my writing career that there really WASN’T some major, over-riding story arc that connected my stories. The stories are nothing deeper than what you read on the pages. No hidden agendas, no dots to connect. But damn they were fun. I haven’t received any emails asking about any future exploits of Mr. Hope in a while, but as recently as this time last year, people were still asking if they would see him again. And just what the HELL he was. A Man? A Demon? Satan himself? …something…worse?

The remaining stories are few odds and ends. Possessions and The Position were probably the first horror stories that hit DarkIcon.com. Possessions is an October Falls story even though it was written well before I even conceived of the haunted town in south Georgia. I don’t know where it takes place, but you can bet that the events mentioned in that tale have their root in that fictional town. The Slasher and Anything are just ugly little stories. The Slasher COULD be a Mr. Hope story… if it weren’t for the fact that Hope never actually appears in it.

And that’s about it. That’s a lot of free entertainment for fans of gore and/or action-horror. Is action-horror even a genre?

…it is now!


  1. nate, November 18, 2008:

    Ahhh, Mr. Hope! It’s been too long a while indeed since you’ve graced us with your presence.

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