Dragon’s Inn Short Stories

I’ve just finished adding all of the Dragon’s Inn short stories to the Library. The only things left are a handful of longer novella-length stories that I’ll add to the novels section, hopefully this weekend.

I’ll say right now that the order in which the stories appear on the page is NOT the order in which they were written, nor is it the order in which they should be read. I tried to group related stories together because that just makes sense for a “Library”… but doing so completely scrambles the timeline. And for some of these stories, the timeline is important. The December novels (at the top of the page) are in the correct order, so if you are a new reader you should occupy yourself with them until I can get a proper Reading List put together.

If you’ve already read those, then you can have fun with the Kultra stories, since they are largely unrelated to the December series.

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