Ladies Night

Dark Icon does not play well with others.

That’s the dirty little secret of my early days writing for the Dragon’s Inn newsgroup. The whole idea was that it was a shared world for collaborative fantasy writing efforts… but my sharing and collaborating efforts were limited to minimal guest appearances of other people’s characters in stories that were essentially MINE.

Ladies Night is a rare exception.

My co-author was Louisa J. King, a UK author that I lost touch with over the years. She was (and hopefully still is) one HELL of a writer. I don’t know who came up with the idea of putting our two main characters… Zade and Val’Keth… together in one story, but the result was what I can definitely call home run. When we started writing, everything just clicked and the words flowed like water.

The story takes place in the aftermath of Streets of Ice, when Zade was still unaware of her lycanthropy… a “curse” which undoubtedly saved her life numerous times. Val-Keth the dark elf was my favorite of all Louisa’s characters, and I was happy to have her along for the ride All the major antagonists and secondary characters were mine, with the exception of the demoness written by Greg Dewey in a cameo appearance. Lovvorn, Eric Hood, December, and Theesa all make cameos as well, with Lovvorn actually sticking around to do some of the heavy lifting in one fight scene.

I don’t know where the idea of the shit monster came from, but it HAD to have been a nightmare.

Yes, that’s right.

I said “shit monster“.

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