Santa’s Sleigh

A Christmas story!?!

Yeah… a Christmas story!

When fellow Dragon’s-Inn author Grey Feathers (Louisa King) approached me about doing a collaborative Christmas tale set in Montfort, I jumped at the chance. Santa’s Sleigh is the result of that collaboration. It’s a Christmas story in the sense that Black Christmas is a Christmas movie. It’s about an evil Santa that has kidnapped the real deal and is using Santa’s resources to bring evil toys to well-deserving townsfolk. And their children. He must be stopped, but not before the blood and body parts start flying around like enchanted reindeer. It’s every bit as bloody and evil as you’d expect from me… plus a little more.

BTW: Louisa and I also collaborated on Ladies Night, which you will also find in the Library. It’s less bloody (slightly) but has more action. Plus, it has a shit monster. No, that wasn’t a typo.


  1. nate, December 19, 2008:

    I’d love to see Santa’s Sleigh made into a movie. You two should work this one up as a script and submit it. Directed by Rob Zombie it would be spectacular.

  2. DarkIcon, December 19, 2008:

    This one is probably my favorite collaboration, and my favorite person to collaborate WITH. Alas, I’ve lost contact with her over the years. I hope she’s still writing.

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