Shadow of a Doubt

The first Blaymore solo adventure, Golem Lord, could be described as a science fiction story with all the scifi trappings removed and replaced with their fantasy equivalents. It’s a story about robots.

Now, the SECOND Blaymore solo story is entirely different. Shadow of a Doubt is… well… a scifi story with all the scifi trappings removed and replaced with their magical equivalents. Hell, it’s even got a cyborg in it. Not just ANY cyborg, either… I’ve got my very own T1000 running around.

I think I’m beginning to see a pattern here.

ANYWAY, Shadow of a Doubt was intended to be a fantasy/horror story. I don’t think I managed to pull off the “horror” aspect as well as I would have liked, but the suspense is definitely there. I was going for a mixture of The Thing and the Terminator, with magic instead of science. What I got was…. Shadow of a Doubt. Check it out.

BTW, yes it is Kultra that is mentioned in the beginning of the story. And yes, this tale is definitely related to the Temple of Xno flashback story, although Xno is not a pre-requisite. It’s just a nod to the people who read everything. Originally, the character of Hax was to share some background with both Warrynt and Chain, in that they are all products of K’Sano’s search for the perfect weapon. Does this mean that K’Sano had his very own “Weapon X” project going on? Why, yes… yes it does. Makes you wonder what ELSE might be out there….


  1. nate, December 15, 2008:

    Ahhhh, the memories. This was one of my favorites, particularly because it hinted at things to do with Blaymore that were also hinted at in other stories. Even the defunct Captive Souls hints at shedding some more light on Blaymore’s past that was also hinted at in Shadow.

    I really miss all these characters.

  2. nate, July 2, 2013:

    I swear, I’m gonna finish reading the Chronicles of Rapina and then I’ll dig out a backup copy of all the old Dark Icon stories and read them one more time. December, Magekiller, Horror stories, all of it.

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