The best way to build an audience

Serial fiction.

If you know how to write a fucking awesome ending… to every chapter.

If you know how to create characters that people give a damn about.

If you’re not afraid to put those characters into situations that even YOU don’t know how they’ll get out of…

Then serial fiction is the way to go. But then, I’m biased. Pretty much everything I’ve ever written was presented serially, one chapter at a time. I’m not sure I know how to write any other way. What… write a novel that nobody actually reads until you’re DONE!? Oh HELL no…

But serialized fiction has been good to me. I’m hoping it will be good to me again. My mission here is to rebuild my audience, and I can’t really say I know any other way to do it than the way I did it the first time: One. Chapter. At. A. Time.

Damn, those where the days

What does this mean to you, though? Will I be starting on some new serial fiction project in the near future? Probably. Right now there are three ideas jumping up and down, demanding to be written. And they’re multiplying… there used to be only two! The one thing I have to watch out for is that I have time and attention constraints. I can’t dive right into three different simultaneous stories like I did in the past. There’s too much real-life crap going on, and that shit is multiplying just as fast. So I need to decide on ONE story to write, and I probably don’t need to start with a novel-length work right off the bat. I’ll let those ideas marinate (and multiply) for a while while I chew on a few smaller projects. Like finishing off a certain Dragon’s Inn flashback story, perhaps. Then maybe I’ll have a clearer idea of what I want to do and how I want to do it.

The whole “making money” thing will have to be factored in, of course, but I’ve got some ideas on that, too.


  1. nate, July 23, 2009:

    “If you know how to create characters that people give a damn about.”

    You have this NAILED!. Not only character, but plot lines.

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