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31 Aug

Dark Icon vs The Current State of SciFi on TV

With a title like: The Current State Of Science Fiction On Tv, you know there’s gonna be some drama.

Apparently Riddley Scott said some bullshit, and it got reported in a blog I read.

I had an opinion.

I had several opinions.

I’m hoping to start a fight, but I don’t think anyone is biting, yet. Check it out.

30 Aug


Simple Math:

  1. Dark Icon does not like spiders
  2. OMGWTF?

1+2=Dark Icon will not be going back to Texas. Ever.

26 Aug

Entertainment is never a waste of time

Exactly when did the pursuit of amusement and entertainment become something you should be ashamed of? When did it become something you only did in your “free time”… something you were supposed to keep to a minimum?

Fuck that. Entertainment is NEVER a “waste of time.”

Life isn’t about goals and productivity. It’s all a waste if you’re not enjoying it, because enjoying your time here as much as possible without impeding other people’s attempts to do the same IS the goal. It isn’t about the destination; it’s about the journey. The destination is always the same… no exceptions, no matter how hard you try or how many hours you spend “getting things done”. Every second you spend doing something you don’t enjoy is a waste, I don’t care what your parents, your boss, or your productivity guru says. Every time you pull out your laptop at an airport so you can write a status report instead of just reading a good book… you’ve wasted time that you COULD have spent being happy. And guess what? You ain’t getting that time back, no matter how much money you make. Maybe it was worth it. But chances are, it wasn’t.

Don’t let those over-stressed, Type-A, ultra-productive asshats give you shit for wanting to watch a movie or play video games. It is NOT a waste of time. It’s the time you spend doing things you DON’T enjoy that should be kept to a minimum. Personally, being suitably entertained and de-stressed is what keeps me from stabbing over-stressed, Type-A, ultra-productive asshats in the face as soon as they open their mouths.

See… everybody wins.

20 Aug

The Great Hard Drive Apocalypse of 2007

You may have heard me use that phrase in a few other blog posts.
Wonder what kind of fucked-up chain of events could spawn THAT moniker? Well-

  1. My wife’s main desktop computer died. Complete loss, no files recovered.
  2. MY main desktop computer died. 100% loss. Of the two hard drives, one was completely toasted. The other was mostly empty because I had just copied its contents to the FIRST hard drive.
  3. The old laptop that my wife started using when her main machine died… died.
  4. Hey, that’s a lot of files gone. Good thing most of that shit was backed up on my networked hard drive. Well, guess what died next?
  5. One of my laptops got stolen. Obviously a 100% data loss.

All in one year. And that year ain’t even over yet.

Yeah, I had backups. Hell, I had backups of the backups in some cases. But what happens when FOUR pieces of hardware die (or vanish) in one year? What THEN? I can cry about it, or I can make up funny names for it and learn from the whole thing. What did I learn?

No matter how many precautions you take, when the world (or God) wants to take something away from you… it’s fucking gone.

19 Aug

What’s Dark Icon Working on now?

Two things:

Working on the plot for the next December story. I don’t know when I’ll start writing it or what I will DO with it once I start (post it online for free, package it as an ebook for sale, etc.) but I’m working on the plot right now. What’s it about? I can’t tell you, but to quote one of my favorite movies: “This one will drive you absolutely mad.”

I’m also trying to figure out what other projects I can work on at the same time that I’m writing the as-yet-untitled December novel. If I decide to post the novel as a serial (the way they have been done in the past), then that will pretty much take care of new content for the site. But if I decide to distribute the book some other way, then I’ll need some OTHER new project that I can put online (presumably for free) to satisfy the “new stories” requirement that I’ve set for myself. Or, even given a freely available December novel, I could still use something else to give away as an enticement/reward for donations. I’ve got lots of ideas, and I’m just sorting through them to see what grabs me the hardest. There are certain criteria that have to be met, though, the main ones being that whatever idea I use, it has to be: 1) Cool as hell and 2) easy to write.

So, have any words actually been WRITTEN so far?

Actually, yes. I’m just not sharing anything yet.

18 Aug

You Are Not Prepared

I just finished a one-paragraph summary of a new story… the next December novel.

Oh My God.

15 Aug

Having nerves of steel

Means being able to… at a moment’s notice… look disaster straight in the eye and tell it to fuck all the way off.

-Dark Icon

14 Aug

The World

You know when it sucks to be an amateur writer?

When there’s no shortage of ideas…
…no shortage of words with which to write those ideas…

But the world and everything and everyone in it is constantly SCREAMING at you to do things OTHER than create… other than the ONE thing I want to do more than anything else. People wonder why my work is so dark and angry and where I get the state of mind to constantly murder people in strange new ways.

YOU do it. You and this world you built.

Well FUCK the world, I’m writing anyway.

13 Aug

The Myth of Hard Work

The world is full of people who worked hard and died broke.
OBVIOUSLY “working harder” is not the way to achieve your dreams.
The people who “work hard” are toiling so that other people… probably people they don’t even know… can achieve THEIR goals.

Knowing WHAT to do and HOW do to something are orders of magnitude more important than the time and effort you spend actually doing it, whatever “it” is.

That’s the secret. That’s what “they” don’t want you to know. The rest is up to you.

12 Aug

DI spouts off about: The future of print media

An excerpt (the good part) from a lengthy comment I made to somebody’s blog post.
The topic:Why aren’t people buying short fiction?

(Part of) my answer:

Regardless of length OR genre, I think the market for fiction is moving online. There is a lot of material out there, and don’t let people tell you that it isn’t good because it hasn’t been through the filter of traditional publishing and editors. That’s what the traditional publishers want you to believe. Not all of the good authors have the patience, personality, connections, bravery, or flat-out luck to make it anywhere NEAR a publishing deal. In the previous generations, you never heard of those people. They and their stories just disappeared. In THIS generation, those people… some of whom are just as talented as your dead-tree favorites (or better!)… are on the internet. Most of them are giving their stories away for free, or very cheap. You don’t have to wade through a river of crap to find them, either. Maybe that used to be true, but now with social media, all you need to do is connect to people with similar tastes and they will TELL you where the good stuff is. Just like how it works in real life, eh?

What do YOU think?