More on donations

I’ve changed the donation links so that instead of going straight to PayPal, they point to an an on-site page where I beg for money explain what the donations are for. I think that will work out better.

In the near future (i.e., before the end of the month) I will have some kind of donation reward that will (hopefully) change every month. I haven’t quite figured out the logistics of how that will work yet, though. Those who donate NOW, before I get a chance to put the reward up, will not miss anything. I’ll keep track of who/what/when/where, and you’ll be notified if you’ve got something coming. As for what the rewards will be… right now, I’m thinking either:

  1. stories that are (and will forever be) unavailable in the library
  2. early access to stories that will EVENTUALLY be available in the library
  3. sneak peaks/chapters of upcoming longer works
  4. other materials, such as artwork, story outlines, scripts, etc
  5. all of the above

I’m leaning toward item #5.

I’m ALSO considering starting a new serial fiction project what will be distributed on a monthly basis, but ONLY to people who donate during that month. That would be evil, wouldn’t it? …and the more evil it is, the more likely I am to do it. But logistics plays a part in that; I’ll need to see what’s possible as far as minimum donations, etc.

Keep watching this blog for more information.

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