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I guess I haven’t been doing a very good job of documenting my attempt to turn this website into a bill-paying venture. So here’s the latest:

I need to build a LOT more traffic if I’m going to make any non-trivial amount of money. Fortunately, I’m in a good position as far as having something to offer new visitors. I’ve got enough existing content to keep a new fan busy for literally months without me having to write another word. I just need to GET them here.

To that end, I’m running two advertising campaigns. One is on ProjectWonderful, a nice new ad network that’s primarily used for webcomics. It’s cheap, and the audience is *close* to what I need to target. I’m also throwing some money at StumpleUpon for paid traffic. The two are both giving me good results as far as percentages go, but the raw numbers are somewhat disappointing. ProjectWonderful is NOT a pay-per-click network, but if I crunch the numbers I’m essentially paying $.01 per visitor. That’s cheap. StumbleUpon is costing me a flat $.05 per visitor. Five times more expensive, but the traffic is more targeted. My campaign at StumbleUpon is bringing me people who are interested in Fantasy Books, whereas the traffic from PW is…well… folks who like webcomics. You tell ME which group is worth paying more for.

Both of these campaigns are extremely cheap, but unfortunately I still can’t afford to keep them going much longer. I’ll keep them going as long as I can, and throw some money in their direction whenever I get some to throw.

That’s pretty much it for this status report. Like anybody cares.

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