The Quick and the Dead

Thought to be lost forever…

Destined to become only a memory in the minds of those who read it…

The Quick and the Dead has been found.

This Blaymore solo story is significantly less “sci-fi” than the other two. In fact, it’s straight hardcore action fantasy pretty much from beginning to end. Surprisingly, I didn’t get a lot of comments about it at the time, but there was a lot of storytelling going on so this one may have literally gotten lost in the crowd.

Somehow, this tale didn’t make it onto the site the LAST time I redesigned it. I don’t know how or why… it was just missing. And due to the great Hard Drive Apocalypse of 2007, the stories actually ON were thought to be the ONLY copies of those stories in existence. The website became my backup, essentially. Since this story wasn’t on it, I figured that it was just lost forever… but I found a complete copy of it lurking in an old archive, and so here it is. Enjoy.


  1. nate, September 20, 2007:

    This was always a favorite of mine, along with the hinted at sequal.

    BTW, after I discovered your site I used to copy the text from the stories and paste it into a Word document, so I could read it at work without having to be connected to the ‘net. I know I have this story, along with the other Blaymore solo stories, and there’s a good chance I might have other things you may have lost. Let me know the titles and if I have them I’d be more than happy to send them to you.

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