DI spouts off about: The future of print media

An excerpt (the good part) from a lengthy comment I made to somebody’s blog post.
The topic:Why aren’t people buying short fiction?

(Part of) my answer:

Regardless of length OR genre, I think the market for fiction is moving online. There is a lot of material out there, and don’t let people tell you that it isn’t good because it hasn’t been through the filter of traditional publishing and editors. That’s what the traditional publishers want you to believe. Not all of the good authors have the patience, personality, connections, bravery, or flat-out luck to make it anywhere NEAR a publishing deal. In the previous generations, you never heard of those people. They and their stories just disappeared. In THIS generation, those people… some of whom are just as talented as your dead-tree favorites (or better!)… are on the internet. Most of them are giving their stories away for free, or very cheap. You don’t have to wade through a river of crap to find them, either. Maybe that used to be true, but now with social media, all you need to do is connect to people with similar tastes and they will TELL you where the good stuff is. Just like how it works in real life, eh?

What do YOU think?

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