Having nerves of steel

Means being able to… at a moment’s notice… look disaster straight in the eye and tell it to fuck all the way off.

-Dark Icon


  1. PaxNoctis, August 16, 2007:

    Well sweet jesus… I decide randomly to check out DI.com after who-knows how long, and it looks like you’re gearing up to start writing again!

    Just wanted to drop by and say, “How fucking awesome!” I still come here from time to time to read stuff I’ve read like a dozen times going back years. I consider you not just one of my favorite writers, but also a major influence in my own stuff. Welcome back!

    ~Pax (formerly LaughingJackal)

  2. DarkIcon, August 19, 2007:

    Glad to have you back, LJ! I see you’ve found the blog… probably one of the first of the (former) Asylum Walls regulars to do so. Keep checking back here and you’ll be among the first to know when new stuff hits the Library.

  3. WeREwOLf, August 22, 2007:

    Best. Quote. Ev-ar. You MUST use that in a story sometime.

    LJ!!! Welcome back man! :)

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