The Great Hard Drive Apocalypse of 2007

You may have heard me use that phrase in a few other blog posts.
Wonder what kind of fucked-up chain of events could spawn THAT moniker? Well-

  1. My wife’s main desktop computer died. Complete loss, no files recovered.
  2. MY main desktop computer died. 100% loss. Of the two hard drives, one was completely toasted. The other was mostly empty because I had just copied its contents to the FIRST hard drive.
  3. The old laptop that my wife started using when her main machine died… died.
  4. Hey, that’s a lot of files gone. Good thing most of that shit was backed up on my networked hard drive. Well, guess what died next?
  5. One of my laptops got stolen. Obviously a 100% data loss.

All in one year. And that year ain’t even over yet.

Yeah, I had backups. Hell, I had backups of the backups in some cases. But what happens when FOUR pieces of hardware die (or vanish) in one year? What THEN? I can cry about it, or I can make up funny names for it and learn from the whole thing. What did I learn?

No matter how many precautions you take, when the world (or God) wants to take something away from you… it’s fucking gone.


  1. udgang99, December 2, 2007:

    That’s horrible … for some strange reason I have NEVER had a harddrive die on me – if my current 500 Gb harddrive died tonight, I would cry like a little baby for months. *knocks on wood* !

  2. DarkIcon, December 2, 2007:

    What could you possibly have that backed up on?

    …you DO have it backed up, right?

    …not that it matters, as this post here clearly demonstrates.

  3. udgang99, December 3, 2007:

    “back ups” … hrmmm, that’s for girls! ;)

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