Entertainment is never a waste of time

Exactly when did the pursuit of amusement and entertainment become something you should be ashamed of? When did it become something you only did in your “free time”… something you were supposed to keep to a minimum?

Fuck that. Entertainment is NEVER a “waste of time.”

Life isn’t about goals and productivity. It’s all a waste if you’re not enjoying it, because enjoying your time here as much as possible without impeding other people’s attempts to do the same IS the goal. It isn’t about the destination; it’s about the journey. The destination is always the same… no exceptions, no matter how hard you try or how many hours you spend “getting things done”. Every second you spend doing something you don’t enjoy is a waste, I don’t care what your parents, your boss, or your productivity guru says. Every time you pull out your laptop at an airport so you can write a status report instead of just reading a good book… you’ve wasted time that you COULD have spent being happy. And guess what? You ain’t getting that time back, no matter how much money you make. Maybe it was worth it. But chances are, it wasn’t.

Don’t let those over-stressed, Type-A, ultra-productive asshats give you shit for wanting to watch a movie or play video games. It is NOT a waste of time. It’s the time you spend doing things you DON’T enjoy that should be kept to a minimum. Personally, being suitably entertained and de-stressed is what keeps me from stabbing over-stressed, Type-A, ultra-productive asshats in the face as soon as they open their mouths.

See… everybody wins.

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