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For those of you who actually care about my efforts to earn some bill-paying money here and what I’ve been doing to make that happen, here’s the latest:

My experimental attempt at social-media marketing (i.e., paid clicks on StumbleUpon is paying off. Big Time.

Of course “Big Time” is relative, but basically here’s what’s happening: So far I’ve paid for about 1000 visitors on that service, at a cost of 5 cents per visitor. These aren’t ad impressions that somebody may or may not click on, these are people who click on the “Stumble” button on their toolbar and ended up on my site, either on the Library page or on the short story Crimes of Personality. If visitors like what they see, they can “thumbs up” or “approve of” the page. Thats where things get interesting. Realize that the first big rush of people are all paid traffic. I pay money and they show up. I stop paying money, they stop showing up. That’s pretty much what you’d expect, right?

But if somebody gives me a thumbs-up, this site goes into rotation with all the others that they have approved of… thus the site continues to pop up randomly every time somebody clicks the “Stumble” button, even AFTER I stop paying money. The more people approve of a page, the more likely it is to show up when somebody clicks that magic “stumble” button. So far, of the two pages I have paid advertising for, 17 people have approved of “Crimes of Personality” and about 12 have approved of The Library. These are in the categories of “Science fiction” and “Fantasy books”, respectively, so yes we are talking about targeted traffic here.

Seventeen and twelve are pitifully small numbers, but guess what? They’re working. People are starting to show up from stumbleupon even WITHOUT me paying money. It is currently my largest source of traffic even AFTER I subtract the paid visitors. People are finding this site randomly without me paying for the privilege, and some of those people are giving me the golden “Thumbs-up”, thus making it more likely that others will do the same. Now don’t get excited… we’re only talking 100 to 300 visitors a day here. But no, DO get excited… because if the current trend holds, this number will keep growing BY ITSELF without me spending another dime. And that is exactly what’s happening. Also get excited because my expenditure to get to this point has been extremely low… and if I had the money (hint, hint), I could open up the floodgates and REALLY put this place on the map for very little cost. The 100 to 300 visitors a day is the result of random advertising efforts done over the period of a month… whenever I had $5.00 to spare to buy 100 visitors. With sufficient funding I COULD have done that all of that in a day… every day… for a month.

Think of where I’d be THEN, eh?


  1. nate, September 28, 2009:

    I wonder how this is working now?

  2. DarkIcon, September 28, 2009:

    I haven’t bought any traffic from StumbleUpon in a long while. I expect the results would be the same, but I don’t have the funds any more. I still get a small but steady flow of hits with occasional random spikes, but its nothing to get excited about.

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