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My first experiment was using Stumbleupon as an avenue for social media advertising. I’d count that one as a success-in-progress. All I need is money to pay for a full-scale assault, but that’s pretty much up to you guys at this point.

Now For My NEXT Trick!

The target: The untapped masses of file sharers using bittorrent to…umm… share!
I know its hard to imagine, but there are still a few people out there who have never heard of Dark Icon. Some of those people are seeking their entertainment using bittorrent. Let’s go get those people!

Okay, enough with the happy-hype, I’m starting to feel ill. Seriously, here’s the latest thing:

I’ve taken my short story, Crimes of Personality, and packaged it in a PDF file. I created a torrent, submitted it to, and now I’m seeding it so that people can download it on bittorrent.

Now why would I go and do a fool thing like that? Don’t I know that if people can download and read my stories on bittorrent I can kiss my advertising revenue goodbye?

Maybe. Maybe not. That’s debatable, and it doesn’t matter. Remember, I wasn’t counting on advertising revenue ANYWAY. And inside each PDF is a link (or two or three) back to If people read the story, they might check out the rest of the site. If they check out the rest of the site, they might do any number of other cool things that would help me out… like link me on Digg or stumbleupon or delicious, or donate money, or participate the Asylum Walls… stuff like that. Once I get more people (by at least a factor of 10, preferably 1000) doing that, then I can start worrying about ad revenue.

Results so far? Too early to tell. Two people have downloaded the pdf, and one of them was still seeding it the last time I checked. That’s a good sign. I need more people to seed, because once enough people start sharing the file, I can turn off MY bittorrent client and start using my internet connection for other things *cough*porn*cough* without a performance hit.

That brings me to this: The link to the torrent file for Crimes of Personality. Click here.. If you use bittorrent, you know what to do without me asking. YOU can download and seed the file. Meanwhile, I will submit the torrent to other trackers and get more people interested in it.

You DO want more playmates over at the Asylum Walls, don’t you?


  1. WeREwOLf, September 8, 2007:

    I was all psyched up to share the living hell outa this thing, but I keep getting zero seeds and one (remote) peer with whom I can’t connect. Tried it from your file link above, AND by searching IsoHunt. Mininova search found CoP but showed zero seeds, zero peers. Both methods produced the same result. I downloaded… er, ‘something’… the other day and the transfer was silky-smooth, so it’s not an issue on my end (firewall, ports, etc.).

    I’ll leave it running while I go to work, maybe you’re having issues on your end or accidentally have your BitTorrent client turned off. Hopefully when I get home it’ll be done and seeding.

  2. DarkIcon, September 8, 2007:

    My client was off most of the morning, as I had an undead rogue that needed leveling. My plan is to leave it running at night, but during the day it may or may not be on depending on how badly I need to use the internets.

  3. DarkIcon, October 24, 2007:

    Long overdue, but I’m declaring this experiment dead. Not enough people downloaded it, and of those that did, nobody seeded. For now, the file is available on bittorrent when I’m using my client to download something else… and when I’m not, it isn’t. I do get the feeling that I should try this again, perhaps with a novel-length story or something more substantial. But not now. I’ve moved my energy and bandwidth on to different things (i.e. Warcraft and pr0n).

  4. nate, October 23, 2009:

    I’d seed it since you’ve given permission, but it hasn’t been available for at least two weeks so I can’t download it.

  5. DarkIcon, October 23, 2009:

    I abandoned this particular experiment a long while ago.It’s been so long that I’ll probably have to re-create the torrent if I wanted to pick it back up. However, I have given some consideration to a different expiriment: some sort of serial fiction distributed via torrent. Regular text at first, but then maybe audio if I ever save up enough for a decent mic. That sort of thing would HAVE to be distributed via torrent, since I don’t have the space/bandwidth to do it on the main site. Right now it’s just a thought, though.

  6. Kragon, October 23, 2009:

    …yeah. WoW has kind of consumed me as well. lol But I would try it again at a later date and see what happens. I can never hurt. Even if you get one or two new readers it’s still something.

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