I’m creating a links page for the site.
Actually, I’m creating two, one for this blog and one for the main site.

Links on this blog will be to people I know. My friends, contacts, and frequent posters on the Asylum Walls regardless of what their website is about. If I know you or have worked with you on something and you have a website, it’s going on there. This will be a very short list. If you have more than one website and I’m linking to the wrong one, let me know and I’ll change it. If you have a website and I don’t know about it, let me know so I can add it. Eduardo, this means you, dammit; you belong on that list!

The list on the main site will be longer, but more restrictive. I will only link to sites that have actual CONTENT that is related to the scifi, fantasy, or horror genres. Not reviews or forums or directories or search engines… actual stories (or poems or artwork, etc). Your friggin’ blog won’t be listed on there unless you post original works of fiction on your friggin’ blog. So if you’re a genre writer (or artist), contact me.

When I actually create the links page for the main site (haven’t done it yet) I’ll post a link to it here.


  1. DarkWells, September 7, 2007:

    I have a website that has Poems and short stories on it. The URL is

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