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I was going through my archives looking for something specific (that I never did find, btw), and I came across a few interesting story ideas, notes, and fragments. The notes and ideas I will be keeping to myself for future (non)use, but I figured some folks would get a kick out of some of the story fragments that I started on, but abandoned for whatever reason. Since they aren’t finished works, they don’t belong in the Library, so I’ll just post them here on the blog. I did something similar on the Asylum Walls a while back, but this won’t be that old stuff. This will be brand new old stuff.

…yeah… you might get a “kick” out of ’em. OR you might hate my guts for showing you a fragment of something that, chances are, I will never ever EVER finish. So if that kind of thing will make you want to hunt me down and stab me in the face, you can pretty much ignore posts with “From the Archives” in the title. How ’bout that.

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