The Devil

I’m going through my archive, seeing what’s in there… and I found a couple of stories. No, not the fragments that I’m posting here on the blog, but entire, finished stories. I never posted them to the original library when I first created this site, and they’ve just been sitting around gathering dust since the day they were finished. They aren’t much, but I figure its gotta be better than listening to me talk about how much money I’m not making, so I’m putting them online.

The first one up is called The Devil. It’s about… well that’s pretty obvious. It dates from the same time period when I wrote “Anything” and “Bobs”, i.e. a VERY frickin’ long time ago. The inspiration for it is pretty much what you’d guess: extremely annoying conversations that I’ve either had or overheard other people having with Christians. Yeah… it’s one of THOSE stories.

Also, I wrote several stories during that time period, but I mentioned “Anything” and “Bobs” for a reason. …yeah, even back in the early, early days, I was busy trying to connect the dots. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Read all three stories.


  1. Loki, September 13, 2007:

    Loved the story, thought it was funny as hell (No pun intended).

  2. DarkIcon, September 14, 2007:

    I think the reason I never posted it was because I thought it was too… well, I was gonna say “preachy.”

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