According to Project Wonderful, the advertising service that I use, had over 1600 page views yesterday. That’s WELL over twice what I normally get, and over 500 of those views came from StumbleUpon (where I haven’t paid for any advertising in over 2 weeks).

Continuous traffic at that level would be a hell of a start. It won’t pay any bills, but it’s a huge step in the right directly. Sadly, today I seem to be over-compensating, and my traffic is well below normal. Oh well…


  1. DarkIcon, September 15, 2007:

    Now that a day or so has passed and my various statistics have had time to catch up with one another, I see that the huge influx of traffic came from someone discovering “Mothers Day” and linking it on StumbleUpon… thus giving me over 900 visitors in a single day.

    I wish I knew more about how that kind of thing worked, but its still awesome. I never advertised Mother’s Day on SU, but the person who “discovered” that story was also one who liked “Crimes of Personality”, which I did spend a chunk on for ads on SU. Now, “Mothers Day” has 13 fans (While Crimes of Personality has 33). Of the 4 people who bothered to actually leave an opinion, two of them mentioned the story was in sore need of some editing… so I guess I’ll get on that.


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