Dark Icon vs. Jena 6

Waaaaay off-topic, but I gotta speak my mind on this one.

The story:
Some white kids don’t like some black people in their high school, so they think its cool (or funny), hang some nooses from a tree. This sparks a bunch of violence and later, one of these young geniuses ends up getting the ever-loving fuck beaten out of him by some black dudes. Black dudes are now going to court for beating the ever-loving fuck out of somebody. Cue the Civil Rights whores on stage left.

Okay, those are the facts. Now my take:

I don’t see what the big deal is. Really…. why is this news? Or, more importantly, why is the news media MAKING this crap news? Here’s some thoughts for people on both sides of this thing-

White People:
This isn’t the 1960’s. The Civil Right’s Movement is over. Martin Luther King Jr. is dead. The people in the generations since then are really not interested in the whole nonviolence thing. At all. Not even a little bit. We kill EACH OTHER on a daily basis, so do you really think we’d think twice about beating the ever-loving fuck out of some nitwit hanging nooses from trees? Clearly, we don’t. If you didn’t know before, you know NOW, So you might want to write this down: If you intentionally go around trying to racially provoke or intimidate black people, ESPECIALLY by displaying nooses, you can pretty much expect to have your family on the news, crying outside the emergency room. Am I saying its right or acceptable to solve differences with violence? No. I am saying that discussions of what is “right” or “acceptable” won’t even HAPPEN until AFTER your silly ass is in the hospital with a breathing tube where your teeth used to be. Which brings us to the next group:

Black People:
You might want to write THIS down, because we appear to have forgotten it. If you go around beating the ever-loving fuck out of people… especially white people… EVEN if they deserve it… YOUR family will be on TV standing outside the county jail crying about racism. Actions have consequences. The consequence of hanging a noose on a tree in sight of black people might just be to get the ever-loving fuck beaten out of you. The consequence of beating the ever-loving fuck out of some stupid white kid MIGHT just be your silly ass sitting in a cell. The least you can do is be a fucking man about it, accept your punishment, and not have mommy and daddy call in the Civil Rights Leftovers to try to save your ass from prison.

BOTH parties should have thought about the consequences before they did anything. Clearly, it didn’t occur to the original instigators that throwing nooses up on trees would result in somebody going to the emergency room. But it did. And, in my opinion, it SHOULD have, because that’s some fucking bullshit. Also clearly, the black kids didn’t think their reaction would lead to their arrest. I can’t see how in the world they could over-look that, but they obviously did. That is ALSO some fucking bullshit, and they need a few years to sit on their asses and think about how stupid they are. If you’re going to beat the ever-loving fuck out of somebody who deserves it, you should do so with the EXPECTATION that you will go to jail for doing so. You shouldn’t expect the law to let you slide on it because you were provoked (and yes, you WERE provoked), because the law doesn’t work that way. Maybe mommy and daddy should have invested the time in explaining that to you instead of calling Al Sharpton and His Amazing Friends.

And finally, the media:
NewsFLASH: Race Violence is Not Dead!
…sigh… just let this shit die, please? Do you people even realize how OFTEN this shit happens? No, I guess you don’t since you’re all up on this story like white girls on an NBA player (Oh, was that offensive? My bad…). And now that I think about it, depending on what schools you went to, this sequence of events may seem strange and somehow newsworthy. It isn’t. I’m black (shocking, I know) and I went to TWO majority white colleges (college educated, another shocker). Stories of white dudes doing and/or saying something stupid and getting the ever-loving FUCK beaten out of them as a result are commonplace. I have TWO that I can recite right now off the top of my head, and if I thought about it I could probably come up with a couple more. None of them made CNN. Maybe this is news because Sharpton is involved… in which case my statement to the media is to get off his dick and find somebody else to follow around, because Sharpton stopped being relevant about a decade ago. Just like some white people still think Elvis is alive, some blacks still think Sharpton is relevant. THESE are the people you’re making famous on national TV. It’s embarrassing to the rest of us. Stop it.

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