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31 Oct

I’d hit it.

When you think of smokin’ hot Marvel Comics babes, the Scarlet Witch probably isn’t one of the first names that spring to mind.

It is now.

In other news, an apparent EMP went off in Pennsylvania, and all the metal in a local artist’s apartment suddenly became magnetized…

30 Oct

All that money wasted

Stealth fail

29 Oct


If you could pick a superhuman ability, what would you pick and what would you use it for?

That’s not you asking ME the question, that’s me asking YOU the question. But I’ll answer it anyway:

My number-one pick would be the ability to stop time. I snap my fingers and the world stops… except for me. What would I use it for? It might sound silly, but the MAIN reason I’d use it would be to get a good night’s sleep. Seriously. I could stay up until 3:00am, sleep for 10 or 11 hours, then wake up at 3:00am and keep doing whatever it was I was doing, fully rested. I could probably use it to get a lot more work done, depending on if I could make my laptop work. The down side is that I’d appear to age faster than everyone else, but that’s okay; I’m more of a “burn brighter, not longer” kind of guy.

Other than that one, there’s only two other’s I’ve ever fantasized about having. One is telekinesis. Very powerful telekinesis… strong enough to crush a car like a soda can or send one into orbit with the flick of a finger. What would I do with it? Let’s just say that the term “road rage” would take on an entirely new dimension. The third one is teleportation. Anyone who’s spent 2 hours in Atlanta traffic trying to go 5 miles will know why I’d want that. Plus, I’m just too lazy to walk up a flight of stairs if I can avoid it.

Your turn.

27 Oct

Review: 30 Days of Night

Is this the movie that makes vampires scary again?

Because they’re not. Scary. Not scary. At all.

Vampires have been EVERYWHERE for the past 10 years, and Hollywood hasn’t seemed to catch on to the fact that familiarity destroys fear. Kills it. Dead.

So does 30 Days of Night change all that?
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26 Oct

Flash Fiction: Phase Two

We hid with the bodies. Squirmed in deep and hunkered down. They were so busy with their war machines and so smart with their alien virus, they didn’t actually stop to see who was dead and who wasn’t. Lucky us. Now, once we squirm out from under these corpses we’ll… wait… why are they moving?

25 Oct

Fact vs Fiction

Fact (riiiiight)

You make up your own comments, I’m just pointing it out.

24 Oct

Dark Icon is a Horrible Co-Worker

I work with a great bunch of people. Really… no sarcasm intended.

But seeing as how I’m on the road 50% of the time and totally apathetic and aloof 100% of the time, I was utterly shocked when an announcement went out about a wedding shower for a coworker. Shocked, I say! Not because I didn’t know she was seeing anyone, but because up until that moment I thought she was a lesbian.

23 Oct

Something is terribly wrong here

That's not right!

I want an explanation and I want it NOW.

22 Oct

How to Identify Dark Icon at the Airport

I’m the black guy wearing black jeans, black sunglasses, and a dark colored shirt. If I’m wearing an undershirt, it’s black.
Jacket? Dark gray. Or black.
Black shoes, black socks, and a black backpack on my back.
Luggage? Black.
And to help identify my luggage on the baggage carousel, I have a ribbon tied around the handle.
What color is the ribbon?


Shut up.

22 Oct

Setting The Record Straight

As I’m working on ideas for the next December story, it occurred to me that most of what I am trying to do hinges on a fact that you, as readers, are not yet aware. It was going to be mentioned in “Captive Souls” and fully explored in a follow-up story, but since Captive Soulsprobably won’t be finished I’m kind of at a loss for what to do. I really don’t want to write a “story-before-the-story” just to set something up for the next major work… so I think I’ll just come out and TELL you so that I can move on past this hurdle.

So here it is:

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