So I’m sitting here minding my own business, checking the stats on my various websites when I see that the Book of Dark Places website is down.

Strange. That site is never down… that’s why I pay good money to have it hosted where it is. Lemme check on that-


The domain is expired!
No, not GOING to expire… not ABOUT to expire… but FUCKING EXPIRED!

Hold on, hold on, hold on, lemme check my email:


Fucking NO notification from ANYBODY that ANYTHING was about to expire. You’d think that if these people wanted their money they would notify you before your domain is suddenly FUCKING GONE! You know… a couple of DAYS NOTICE would be nice!

So I spend about two hours trying to find out just WHO THE FUCK the domain is registered with, because I’m an asshat and my web hosing and domain registration are handled by two different companies. Let’s call them, respectively: “We Know What We’re Doing, Inc.” and “Bunch of Brain Damaged Fucksticks, LLC.” I gotta fix that shit next year… which is probably the same shit I said this time LAST year. As a matter of fact, if I went to the Asylum Walls right now and looked hard enough, I’d probably find a post from me, dated a year ago TODAY, where I’m all pissed off about this same shit.

Who’s the retard NOW? Yeah, that’d be me. But…just like last year… I’ve PAID these assholes already. I HAD to in order to get the site back. Which means if I jump ship now, I’ve wasted my money. I’m not about wasting money these days. So what I need to do is wait until a year from YESTERDAY and change my domain name registrar then.

Somebody remind me.

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