Nail. Coffin. Hammer. Done.

I’ve mentioned this in several other places, but I need to make a formal announcement so people won’t be waiting around for something that will never happen.

A while back, me and another author started a story called “Captive Souls,” a December-related serial fiction story that would have probably turned out to be a full-length novel by the time we were done. I contributed two characters (Zade and Blaymore) and the co-author added characters of her own, plus the setting and some pretty heavy plot discussions. We were pretty much equally involved in the story.

But we never finished. Right in the middle of the thing, both authors (me, especially) sort of took a “vacation” from writing. I went off to do the Book of Dark Places, and Rapina just sort of vanished. I’m working my way back into the writing business, and Rapina is still “sort of vanished”.

So here’s the thing. Captive Souls CANNOT be finished without the co-author. I have made efforts to contact her, but my efforts remained unanswered. Captive Souls CANNOT be finished without the co-author. Yes, it was a great story with a lot of promise, but Captive Souls CANNOT be finished without the co-author. The events in Captive Souls have major implications on the lives of Zade and Blaymore (and N’Doki, believe it or not), and it is pretty much a turning point in what happens with December and crew. But Captive Souls CANNOT be finished without the co-author.

Do you see what I’m saying here? In case you missed it:
Captive Souls CANNOT be finished without the co-author.

I know we all have ideas about what you’d like to see Dark Icon write next… about which of the unfinished stories you’d like me to pick up again. But there are three things you need to understand:

1) NOBODY wants Captive Souls finished more than I do. Nobody.
2) Captive Souls CANNOT be finished without the co-author.
3) Captive Souls CANNOT be finished without the co-author.

So unless Rapina re-appears from the internet ether (which COULD happen, you never know) Captive Souls will NOT be finished. Ever. No matter how many times you mention it, no matter how many hints you drop, no matter how badly anybody wants to see how it all turns out. Finishing it on my own means taking control of another writer’s characters and settings without their permission. That’s theft. That’s wrong. That’s not going to happen.

So, unless Rapina turns up and starts writing again, all you’re going to see with Captive Souls is an announcement when I eventually get the part we DID finish posted in the Library. There will be no more chapters. No more story. It’s over.

I have already implemented my contingency plan as far as the effect an unfinished Captive Souls will have on the rest of the December universe. (Can’t tell you what it is, and the one other person who knows is really good at keeping quiet.) I’ve moved on. You should, too. Stop frustrating yourself (and me) and just let it go. Further mentions of me finishing Captive Souls will be met with a link pointing back to this blog post. Should you wish to track down Rapina on your own, feel free to do so. And yes, I am fully aware of Rapina’s real name; no, I’m not telling you what it is if you don’t already know.

Oh yeah, by the way:
Captive Souls CANNOT be finished without the co-author.

That’s pretty much it.


  1. nate, October 7, 2007:

    Point taken. Thanks. Did not mean to tick you off like this, although maybe from the lack of cursing I didn’t really tick you off. I won’t mention it again.

    It’s been a long time since I’ve heard from Rapina, but I do know that the last time I did she too was wanting to finish the story.

    Stuff happens though.

    Currently I’m going through Wraith, which I had never seen before. I’m about 4 or 5 chapters into it and finding it interesting.

    I am curious about how working with another author is accomplished. Does one person decide on events and another do the writing? do you pass things back and forth for editing before posting it? You’ve collaborated with at least two others that I know of, so I just wonder how it’s done.

    Also, do you by any chance still contribute to the Dragon’s Inn? I think at one time you were doing some work with a Cathy Mosly, and she’s still there.

  2. DarkIcon, October 7, 2007:

    Nah, people typically know when I’m ticked off, even on the internet. I didn’t remember if I ever came out and SAID what the deal was with Captive Souls in any definitive way. I’ve mentioned it in a few places, but I don’t think I’ve ever made an official announcement until now. So it had to be said and I probably sounded a lot angrier than I intended here. Sorry about that; it appears to be a hereditary personality trait.

    It appears you may have heard from Rapina more recently than I have. For me, it has literally been years. I’ve got two email addresses for her, and I’ve had no response on either. But it has been a few months since I’ve tried one, and probably a year since I’ve tried the other; so maybe I’ll try again.

    The mechanics of working with other writers vary according to the situation, and it sounds like good material for a separate blog post.

    Glad you’re liking Wraith.

    I was recently contacted by some of the old guard at the Dragon’s Inn, which is alive and well on Google now. There was some tentative talk of a collaborative Tower Guard story, but it died off rather quickly. I’ve subscribed to the group, but to be honest I haven’t read a damn thing there. And obviously I haven’t written squat in a while, so I’m not contributing anything original. When I start writing December stuff again, I might post to the newsgroup (or “forum” or whatever the hell it is now), but I might not. My reasons for being hesitant are also fodder for another post at another time.

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