Anybody here from New Jersey?

If so, I’ve got a serious, straight-up question for you:

What The FUCK!!?

No, seriously… WHAT the FUCK is with you people and left turns? What, the road designers don’t think the general population can handle such complex maneuvers as making a left fucking turn?

No, really… I’m sure there’s a perfectly logical explanation as to why, if I happen to drive past my intended destination, I have to keep on going to fucking CONNECTICUT before I can turn around? I’m sure a lot of logical thought went into me having to turn RIGHT and loop around past Cuba just to go back a half block. And God forbid I need to come out of my hotel and go left instead of right… I might as well just walk out into traffic, get hit, die, and get reincarnated on the opposite side of the street because THAT shit will happen faster than me getting my car pointed the right way.

Look, I’m not calling your entire state retarded or anything, all I need is for somebody to explain why, that’s all.



…must all be stuck trying to turn left on the way home.


  1. DarkIcon, October 15, 2007:

    I’m in New Jersey for the week, btw.

    That explains the recent posts.

  2. nate, October 16, 2007:

    I’ve been through part of NJ twice in my life, and I don’t understand this law at all. The areas I was in did have places just past intersections where you could turn right and loop around though.

    My guess is that it’s related to reducing traffic incidents, kinda like roundabouts are supposed to do.

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