Fact vs Fiction

Fact (riiiiight)

You make up your own comments, I’m just pointing it out.


  1. WeREwOLf, October 25, 2007:

    After reading that article, everything else on that website is suspect. Sure, it LOOKS like a news site, but… No.

  2. DarkIcon, October 25, 2007:

    Sounds like somebody has some “Henry County Horror” action going on. At least, I hope so. The alternative is that they are actually reporting a story they think is true.

  3. DarkWells, October 26, 2007:

    DI-I know this doesn’t go here so delete it after you read it, but for some reason your main site page isn’t loading for me like it usually does; it’s just a black background that you can scroll down on but nothing’s clickable and I have no idea how to get to the Asylum Walls, I only got here because I searched “dark icon” and this was the only result that seemed to relate to you. So could you help me with my problem if possible? It might just be my computer but I don’t know.

  4. nate, October 26, 2007:

    The black background got me for a while too, before I had to walk away from my computer once. When I came back I saw that where the mouse pointer was located on screen, there was an image that looks like it was slowly outlined by a flashlight. Playing around I noticed that various areas of the black screen would lighten up if the mouse pointer was left to sit for a short period of time, and most of them are the links to the sub-pages. The large image of the skull with red eyes doesn’t have any link that I’ve found yet, but I keep checking from time to time because I know how much DI likes to mix things up on us.

  5. DarkWells, October 26, 2007:

    It use to do the flashlight thing on mine but now it’s not, even the glowing red eyes at the bottom are gone. I guess my computer’s being stupid again if you can still pull up that page.

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