Heroes? WTF happened?

I’m not really hating the second season of Heroes, but something is definitely missing. I mean… WTF happened to the show? Seems like they have managed to do the impossible of having both too much AND too little going on simultaneously.

To quote my wife: “Ya know, I really don’t care what Hiro is doing in ancient Japan.”
To which I could only reply: “Yeah, me either.”

And Sylar, who I still say got off waaaaay too easy at the end of the first season, is now just some nobody scrounging around the edges of how cool/evil he USED to be. I mean, de-power him, yeah because we KNOW he’s gonna get that back, but the character is just not the same. I guess he’s “confused” about what happened to him… but it’s been long enough; bring the real Sylar back.

The new superhumans are really just pissing me off. If the brother and sister couple don’t do something interesting soon then they’d be better off with their heads sliced open by Sylar. At first I was drawn into trying to figure out just what the hell the sister was doing to people. Now I STILL don’t know, and I really don’t care. As for the black girl, nice ability. USE it already!

Claire has a boyfriend. Nice… if this was Smallville. But it isn’t, so they need to kill him. Right in front of her. That’s what I’d do. Claire’s dad is turning evil again? Finally, a development that I can get into! More torturing people and shooting them in the head, please. Thanks.

Oh, and now Nikki is back. …umm, I never liked her in the FIRST season (except when she killed those people and stuffed them in the trunk. That was cool.) It wasn’t that I didn’t like her character, but she should have been put to better use in the story.
Now here she is again. Whatever.

Basically they need to tighten that whole mess up before the ratings drop fast. Move the plot faster. Stop the damned Hiro flashbacks, either bring him back to the present or just leave him there and let us WONDER what he’s up to. Whatever they’re trying to do with Sylar and those other two… just f’ing DO it already! Mohindar and the cop and the little girl? Well… getting better now that the cop has hooked up with Pertrelli. But the whole “my father is evil” angle has been done what… fifteen million times already? Probably too late to change direction on that one, but its really not as cool and/or original as the writers are thinking it is. What would Dark Icon do? Make the cop evil, and make his dad have to stop HIM. Can’t be done? Sure it can… first step: kill the little girl.

Yeah, there’s just SO much potential being wasted here. Still gonna watch it, though. For now.

How ’bout you?


  1. udgang99, November 3, 2007:

    I feel the exact same way. I loved Hiro in the first season, but I coudn’t care less about his little, totally uninteresting, adventure in old Japan (though, of course, it’s going to end up with something important for the future, like, I don’t know, Hiro bangs the girl, and he becomes the great-great-great grandfather of all the “gifted” people in the present).
    Sylar was great in season 1, but I hated that they brought him back for season 2 … I mean, in my book, when you kill someone, they ought to stay dead – unless we are talking zombies, of course.

  2. Kragon, September 24, 2009:

    Things got a little better… But still, to me not as good as season 1.

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