Dark Icon vs. The Wizard of OZ?

I see from the incessant stream of commercials on its website that the SciFi channel has a movie coming out called “Tin Man,” which is apparently a re-imagining of the classic Wizard of Oz tale.

It reminded me of a conversation I had with my wife years ago. Went something like this:

Me: “You know, I’ve always thought that the Wizard of Oz had a lot of untapped horror potential. Especially that scarecrow…”
Wife: …shocked silence. then…
Wife: “You wouldn’t dare. That would be SO wrong! That’s a children’s story!”
Me: “Not if I wrote it.”

Well, I DIDN’T… then. But since the SciFi channel brought it up, I’m wondering…


  1. udgang99, November 15, 2007:

    Go for it !!! :-)

    (also have a look at that “snow queen” we were talking about *hint-hint*)

  2. WeREwOLf, November 16, 2007:

    Greeaat, now I’m wanting to paint a not-safe-for-work image of Dorothy… increasing her age to (barely) legal of course.

    Oops was that out loud?

  3. DarkIcon, November 16, 2007:

    If yer thinking anything like the Scarlet Witch picture you did… go back in time, start last week and finish yesterday. Post it now.

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