Writing Journal: Week of 11/11/07

I didn’t completely give up on the idea of posting reports of my writing efforts… but I thought doing so every day was a tad bit insane. Instead, I’ll try once a week. So here is a log of last week’s work:

11/11/2007 Sunday 0
11/12/2007 Monday The Salesman 3500
11/13/2007 Tuesday New Order 1100
11/14/2007 Wednesday New Order 1500
11/15/2007 Thursday 0
11/16/2007 Friday New Order 1000
11/17/2007 Saturday New Order 1200
Total: 8300
Average: 1185

I’ll try to make future postings more readable.

Why this matters to me:

I am very goal-driven. Unfortunately, something in my psychological makeup prevents me from giving a damn about goals that OTHER PEOPLE set for me (which is why I’ve been fired from almost every job I’ve ever had, but I digress.) These kinds of statistics give me something to measure on a daily basis, which motivates me more than just saying “I want to finish this story sometime soon”.

My goal for this past week was a thousand words a day… which is a very small amount of writing. I did that… barely, if you accept an average and not a true daily tally. Not to worry, next week’s goal is 1500 a day, with the added criteria that I write every day (with the possible exception of Thanksgiving Day).

Why this matters to you:
People want to know what I’m writing, or even if I’m writing anything at all. This way, not only can you see exactly what I’m working on, but you can see how hard I’m working on it. The numbers don’t really have a lot of meaning if you don’t know how long the story is going to be, and I can’t help you with that. I’m am a notoriously bad judge of story-length. But at least this way you can tell if I’m making some progress. That’s more than you USED to know.

So, no more daily journals. Instead, every Sunday I’ll post something like this to keep you informed. And, if a week goes by and I haven’t written a damned thing, I’ll post a list like this with all zeros on it, in hopes that the embarrassment and your expressions of disappointment will make me work harder next time.


  1. WeREwOLf, November 18, 2007:

    So, in your notoriously bad judgement of story length, how soon until we can start reading New Order?

  2. DarkIcon, November 18, 2007:

    Sometime this week.

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