As promised, I have rescued yet another old tale from the ether and have placed it in the Library where it belongs.

Murder is not a novel in the traditional sense, and people who are accustomed to my other stories might need a bit of adjustment. Murder is a multi-author story that just HAPPENS to be almost lengthy enough to be a novel. The odd format and constantly shifting points of view aren’t amateur mistakes… they’re just how things were (and still are) done in the world of shared world, multi-author fiction. Each writer controls his own character in a story that progresses in part by general agreement among the authors, and in part by whatever random surprises any author feels like throwing into the mix.

We each contributed a few pre-existing characters to the story, which was billed as a “murder mystery,” even though we know the particulars fairly early in the story. My main characters are Lovvorn and Eric Hood, names you might recognize from the December novels. December, J’Hasp and N’Doki make appearances as well.

Other than myself, the authors of ‘Murder” are Cathy Mosley, Blake Sinclair, Boyd Boedeker, and Becca Ward. These names are famous in the Dragon’s Inn. They are the big timers and the heavy hitters. The major players. The best of the best. I was honored to be asked to write with this bunch. The story turned out so well that we did a sequel almost immediately, and if they ever wanted to do another tale I would jump at the chance. That’s saying a lot for a misanthropist like me.

I hope you enjoy the story. If you do, the sequel, “Trial” will be available very soon.

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