New Story: New Order

He’s Baaaaaaack!

The first of hopefully many new stories has just hit the library. You can run off now and check out New Order, but as you’re reading it you might start thinking that the story sounds kind of familiar.

Here’s why:

The Book of Dark Places was not my first attempt at a horror webcomic. Years before, an artist and I came up with an idea for an illustrated horror series… an anthology of stories that all took place in the fictional town of October Falls, a setting already introduced in several other stories that I had already written. That series incorporated the illustrated version of “Heavy” and went on to the beginning of a brand new story called “AntiChaos”.

That story was never finished.

So, as a part of the “Unfinished Business” phase I’m going through, I’ve decided to finish the story in text format. If you were around in the days of “October Falls: The Series” then you’ll remember this unfinished story from that webcomic. The original script and artwork were lost (unless the artist still has it; if so I’d love to have a copy), so I’ve had to change the names of the characters because I just can’t remember back that far. I’ve also changed the title. But the story itself is unchanged from the original idea.

So there you have it. Enjoy.


  1. Loki, November 24, 2007:

    Fucking brilliant…loved the ending.

  2. udgang99, November 24, 2007:

    Turns out the artist DOES still have the artwork …

  3. DarkIcon, November 24, 2007:


    Looks like I followed the original pretty closely… if only I could have remembered those names!

    I’m glad the originals weren’t lost, and I still think it would have made a hell of a comic.

  4. DarkIcon, November 30, 2007:

    I’ve added a cropped piece of the original artwork as a title image to the story. I’ve given you a link and credit at the bottom of the story. I figured you wouldn’t mind. If you want to change the image so that your watermark or signature appears on it, let me know.

  5. udgang99, December 1, 2007:

    Very nice cropping! ;-)
    Looks good the way it is.

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