Writing Journal: 11/25/07

My writing efforts for the past week:


11/18/2007 Sunday New Order 1500
11/19/2007 Monday New Order 1600
11/20/2007 Tuesday The Passenger 1500
11/21/2007 Wednesday The Passenger 1500
11/22/2007 Thursday The Passenger 1500
11/23/2007 Friday The Passenger 1500
11/24/2007 Saturday 0
9100 Total
1300 Average

I bumped up production to 1500 words a day, but didn’t manage to pull off writing every day. But I have an excuse… editing stories is part of the writing process, and that’s what I did Saturday: get New Order cleaned up and posted to the website. There are no “numbers” to capture and quantify those kinds of activities, so occasionally… regularly, I hope… there will be such “holes” in my log.

I can already tell you that I’m not writing much of anything today, though.

Next week: more of the same: a minimum of 1500 words a day.


  1. Kragon, November 28, 2007:

    Hey man, I can’t wait to read the new stuff that will be on the page. But I do have one question. And I know that you have a lot on your plate as is. But I was wondering will there ever be a possibility of another Magekiller story? Or are you done with that line?

  2. DarkIcon, November 28, 2007:

    My intention with Magekiller was to tell a long, massive story composed of many parts (just like what I panned with both December and Crusade). I’ve since changed my mind about the story I was going to do, but the setting and characters have not been put to rest. I don’t have any immediate plans for more Magekiller, however I do intend to revisit the setting and characters again at some point.

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