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30 Dec

January Reward: Whatever Comes Along

The January 2008 reward for donating $5.00 is a horror story called “Whatever Comes Along”. Its 2200 words of happy holiday cheer! Or not.

The download will be valid from now until the last day of the January, at which time a different story will be available.

30 Dec

Donation Rewards

Beginning now, anyone who donates $5.00 to will get a special thank-you gift.

I will write one story every month that I will give out as a gift for people who help support this site. The story will change every month, so if you donate $5.00 this month, you get a story… and if you donate another $5.00 next month, you get a different story. Keep in mind that you are not buying the stories, you are receiving them as a thank you gift for donating.
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30 Dec

Writing Journal 12/30/07

My writing efforts for the previous week:

12/23/2007 Sunday 0
12/24/2007 Monday Whatever Comes Along 2200
12/25/2007 Tuesday 0
12/26/2007 Wednesday 0
12/27/2007 Thursday Rape Kit 1100
12/28/2007 Friday In Deed 2000
12/29/2007 Saturday In Deed 1000
6300 Total
900 Average

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29 Dec

Review: Rise of the Dead.

It’s bad enough when you’re just trying to find some great, good, mediocre entertainment and you have to deal with the crap they put out these days.

But NOW you have to deal with outright fraud.
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28 Dec

What’s Coming in 2008

What’s Already Happened:

A few months ago I decided to get off my ass and start writing again. I also decided that since writing takes so much time and energy, It would really be nice if I could pay a few bills with it. And if I couldn’t, then there’s other things I could do with that time and energy that COULD pay a few bills.

Much of what happened after that point has been preliminary and warm-up work. I’ve redesigned the site, ditching the CMS and converting all the old stories to a much simpler format. I’ve restored a few old stories that, for a variety of reasons, haven’t been seen on the site for a while. I’ve started this blog to keep people informed about what the hell is going on. And, most importantly, I’ve started writing again. No, not as much or as regularly as I would like, but it’s a start.
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28 Dec

Flash Fiction: Same Old Game… Brand New Rules.

A year ago, I didn’t even know Haiti had organized crime. But now I’ve got a new respect for the bastards. They changed the game completely. We found our last informant’s head in a box, buried in a corn field. Finding him wasn’t that hard. Once we got close we could just follow the screams.

I haven’t figured out how a severed head can scream, either. But there it is…

25 Dec

Merry Christmas – 2007

And Happy Assorted Miscellaneous Winter Holidays.

23 Dec

Writing Journal 12/23/07

My writing efforts for the week:

12/16/2007 – Sunday – – – 0
12/17/2007 – Monday – In the Event of My Death – 1100
12/18/2007 – Tuesday – In Deed – 1100
12/19/2007 – Wednesday – In Deed – 1000
12/20/2007 – Thursday – – – 0
12/21/2007 – Friday – – – 0
12/22/2007 – Saturday – – – 0
3200 Total
457.1 Average
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23 Dec

Contractors Wanted

Quick question:

Is there anyone available in the Atlanta area to come and shoot my neighbor’s dog?
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23 Dec

Roller Coaster Tycoon Carnage

Misanthropy + Video Game Simulations = Roller Coaster Tycoon Carnage.

The video pretty much explains it all, although the music is extremely annoying.

I’ve never played Roller Coaster Tycoon… but if I had, I would SO do this.