Just Damn

Back in 2001 I made a series of humorous computer-rendered images using Poser and POV-Ray… two pieces of software that I had just recently discovered. Most of the images were horror or science-fiction related, and some were actually funny.

I called the series “Just Damn.”

It was never my intention to make the series a permanent, ongoing webcomic or to introduce any kind of plot. The 33 “Just Damn” images are the complete product. It is what it is. Despite some amateurish butt-ugly renders, I’m happy with it. Obviously my skill at 3D rendered art has improved significantly over the years, even though I am still by no means an artist.

Out of the entire stack, my favorites are the failed alien invasion and the prudent guard dogs.

If any of these makes you laugh even a little bit… pass it on.


  1. Loki, December 2, 2007:

    lmao…first sign of humour for today…:p

  2. Jeff, December 12, 2007:

    Yeah, I remember these from way back,I also remember the humor section you had with the extremely crude(funny)dead baby jokes. Whatever happened to that section?

  3. DarkIcon, December 12, 2007:

    There really wasn’t a place for it in the current design or the previous one. But I can grab most of the files from the internet archive and see if I can make a place for them. The Amazing Misanthro-Matic is, sadly, gone. That one was my favorite.

  4. nate, July 23, 2009:

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