Writing Journal 12/2/07

So much for writing every day.

Not going to post the cheesy chart this week because the cheesy chart is full of zeros. That’s right, I wrote nothing. Well… I wrote about 300 words to finish up a horror story called “The Passenger” that I started last week, but that’s it. Once I finished that, I spent a couple of days trying to decide which project I’m going to tackle next. The next one on the list is The Forgotten, but the words weren’t coming together for that one. I know what I already wrote and I know exactly how the story ends… but the two ends weren’t connecting this week. How to get from where I left off to where I need to be. That’s not such a big deal. The frustrating part is I already SOLVED that issue months ago; I knew exactly what I needed to write whenever I sat down and got started again. I made notes.

…GUESS what didn’t make it out of the Great Hard Drive Apocalypse?

So I literally can’t remember what the next section of story is, and was too lazy to figure it out all over again this week. So then I decided on another story that needs finishing… and suddenly I’ve got two websites to finish and some code to write for work and … yeah, whatever.

Next week will be better. Or not.


  1. nate, December 3, 2007:

    Hopefully the words will come back to you about The Forgotten. This is one of the stories I’m really waiting to see the end of.

    It must be hell having Hydra-syndrome for ideas. Every time you write one down, two more pop up in their place.

  2. DarkIcon, December 3, 2007:

    Forgotten will be done in the near future. I’ve just moved it from being the very next thing I worked on to a slot further down the list. Previously, there was neither a list nor slots, so it’s still a lot closer to happening than it was four months ago.

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