A massive chunk of text has just hit the Library. No, its not new… but it wasn’t part of the previous website design so nobody has seen it in a while.

Trial” is a direct sequel to to the lengthy multi-author story “Murder“. It picks up pretty much exactly where the first story left off, and details the efforts of various Montfort parties (including December and friends) to either discover or hide the truth.

Newcomers take note: Like “Murder,” “Trial” is NOT a December novel. Nor is it a Dark Icon novel. It is a multi-author story in the true spirit of the Alt.Dragons-Inn newsgroup: A small group of authors tells a story from multiple viewpoints. Different characters are written by different authors, with the point of view shifting back and forth between characters within the scene. The overall plot is mostly just an “idea” that develops toward an ending that is usually not known or determined in advance. Sounds like chaos. READS like chaos. But it’s also cool as hell, especially when you’ve got writers involved who really love the craft and know their characters. ALL of the writers involved in this story really know their characters, and had been writing them for a long time in other stories before I came along.

“Trial” is pretty much a necessity after “Murder.” Not only did we have a lot of fun with the first story, but we really agreed that the story wasn’t really over. Plus there was a desire among some of the authors to show another side of Montfort’s criminal justice system… what happens to criminals AFTER the Tower Guard does their job? This story is much longer and a lot less linear than “Trial.” Due to the fact that different teams of authors were working independently on their parts of the story, the chapters were originally published in the order that they were finished but NOT in order of the actual events. Therefore sections of the text jump back and forth similar to a flashback in a movie, but this is par for the course with this kind of story. Most (but not all) of these occurrences are flagged with text like [These Events Transpire before Event XYZ] or some such. Pay attention, its easy to get lost.

This story has appearances by Eric Hood and Lovvorn, as well as December and N’Doki. But none of these are actual main characters. For “Trial” I created a new character: Defense attorney Perrin Mayce (Yes, Perrin’s name comes from exactly where you THINK it comes from. Either you’re old enough to know, or you have no clue what I’m talking about). Again, newcomers and fans of my other stories take note: There are many, many, MANY chapters of this story that were not written by me. Understand that this was not a solo project and, all told, I maybe wrote 20% of it. Maybe. What this is, however, is a piece of Montfort’s history and a story that was loved by fans of several of the authors involved (as well as the authors themselves). I don’t know of any other archive of this tale other than the newsgroup itself, so I guess I’m playing the part of historian more so than author.

Despite my limited involvement, I do consider “Trial” to be a major piece of work of which I am extremely proud. It was not a part of my previous website because of its length and the fact that I wasn’t the sole (or major) author. But I think its time “Trial” made a return to public eye. I hope you enjoy it. If so, give some love to the other authors, some of whom are still haunting the Alt.Dragons-Inn newsgroup. For posterity, their names are: Cathy Mosley, Boyd Boedeker, and Becca Ward.


  1. nate, December 3, 2007:


    I’d managed to patch together pieces up through chapter 37, mostly from the wayback machine, but that’s as far as I could get. Now I have the rest of the story.

    Thanks again.

    Maybe now I’ll have to take the time to go back through your recent posting of both Murder and Trial, and re-download them to disk for my own safekeeping.

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