Captive Souls

No, this is not an announcement that the story will be finished. It won’t be.

But the six existing chapters have now been placed in the Library for you to re-read and re-enjoy.

No spoilers will be discussed below, but if you don’t want to hear me talk about a story that won’t ever be finished, stop reading now.

Captive Souls is the story of Blaymore and Zade traveling back to their homeland in search of… well, Zade is in search of bloody vengeance against the family that enslaved her, and Blaymore is in search of Zade. What they find proves more than a match for either of them and they quickly find themselves under the control of an evil new master (written by Rapina).

How the story proceeds after that point is pretty much an unknown. Production ended just when it was getting good, and without Rapina’s input it cannot go any further. But don’t go blaming this on her, we BOTH sort of dropped the project for our own reasons. We both had other things we felt needed to be done. Now it looks like, of the two of us, I am the only one still writing. I could tell you what our intentions were, but intentions and reality tend to diverge pretty quickly when I’m writing. We had a pretty concrete plan for how the story was going to end, but the part in the middle was mostly fuzzy with only a few solid mandatory plot points nailed down. That means that the end product could have gone ANYWHERE.

I don’t think anybody is as disappointed as I am that the story can’t proceed. I can’t be positive (especially since I was only a co-author) but I think Captive Souls would have turned out to be one of the best stories I ever wrote. It certainly would have been among the angriest… surpassing the Hanging Tree in sheer anger, and approaching December Nights 2 in outright carnage. It was also going to be a major head-trip for both Zade and Blaymore… I think that aspect of the story was beginning to take shape already… and it was going to go to some VERY uncomfortable places for both characters and for the readers as well. The story also features N’Doki up to his old tricks. There were no plans for him to appear beyond the beginning chapters, but the remainder of the story would have had some startling revelations (that not even Rapina knew about!) concerning the necromancer. No, he is not Zade’s father, but I was definitely going to dangle that tidbit around to tease you for a while. Don’t worry, the truth of N’Doki’s plans and his connection to Zade will eventually be revealed, it just won’t be in the pages of Captive Souls. And obviously N’Doki set some things in motion during the first chapters that hadn’t come to fruition yet, so just because he wasn’t appearing personally didn’t mean there wouldn’t be some (more) old-school necromantic asskickery going on.

But I guess I’m just being mean now, so I’ll shut up and let you go read… or not. …or not YET. While I understand not wanting to get started on a story for which there is no ending, trust me on one thing: The existing Captive Souls chapters will be required reading for the next December novel… whenever that is. So maybe wait until then.



  1. nate, December 4, 2007:


    Rapina is still writing. I think she’s up to 74 chapters of her story now. It’s being posted on an adult fiction site if I remember correctly. She’s not responding to emails though.

    I think the existing chapters of Captive Souls are among your best written work. It already exceeds DNII for carnage in my mind, and I was really hoping to see what the rest of N’doki’s “gifts” to Zade would do. I’m not sure if it surpasses the anger in Hanging Tree though.

    Can you at least tell us if Zade and Blaymore survive and return to Montfort, or if Eric Hood showed up on the island? I’m thinking from the Flash Forward story that they both survive.

    I know I’m probably your biggest fan for this story, and I’m still hoping that one day the two of you authors will get together and finish it.

  2. udgang99, December 4, 2007:
  3. nate, December 5, 2007:

    That’s her. Still no response from that email address though.

  4. DarkIcon, December 5, 2007:

    I just sent her another email as well. If she responds and is willing/able to continue the project, obviously my plans will change. But until then, I’m going under the assumption that the story will never be finished. You should, too.

    There were no plans for anyone else from December’s crew to show up on the island. The storyline called for Zade and Blaymore to be absent for a long stretch of time, and it seems logical that after a while, December would send someone to investigate. In this case, he would not. N’Doki would keep that from happening either in a straightforward “She’s taking care of business for me” conversation or in some underhanded way. Why? Not saying. Details on the eventual intended ending? Not saying that either.

  5. nate, December 5, 2007:

    It’s unfortunate, but that is the assumption I’m operating under for this one. I’ll always wonder though, and I hope you take that as a positive that your writing leaves me wanting more.

    I used to have a copy of Rapina’s chapters up until the Captive Souls portion, and that was quite good in its own right. I liked it much better than I was liking the Rapina story. I think it was called Trial of Champions or something like that. I’ll have to see if I can find that dang disc.

  6. Kragon, December 5, 2007:

    It really would be great if Rapina would help to finish what she started. I am new to the Dragons-Inn and Dark Icon’s stories, I’ve only been reading them for two years. But I gotta say that next to December, Blaymore is my favorite character. And I was sadden to find out that Captive Souls will probably never be finished. And I think that it needs to be.

    I mean obviously just from reading those six chapters you can tell that this IS a big part of Blaymore and Zade’s life that needs to be told. So I just hope that she agrees. And finishes helping Dark Icon tell this tale.

  7. DarkIcon, December 6, 2007:

    The chapters that nate is referring to can be found on Rapina’s site under the heading “Pedigree Of The Gladiators.” I don’t know how long this site will remain available if the author has indeed gone AWOL… so I’d suggest downloading and archiving your own copy just in case. If memory serves me correctly, “The Hanging Tree” and “Pedigree Of The Gladiators” were both intended as lead-ins to “Captive Souls”.

  8. nate, December 7, 2007:

    Man, you’re the best. Now I don’t have to dig through my old discs and files to locate it. I just downloaded it all and pasted it into a Word document, like I do with all your stuff. It didn’t look like too much, but most of the links contained more than one chapter so I ended up with somewhere around 250 pages without counting the Captive Souls part.

    Thanks again.

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