Writing Journal: 12/9/07

My writing efforts for the past week:

12/2/2007 Sunday 0
12/3/2007 Monday 0
12/4/2007 Tuesday In Deed 2100
12/5/2007 Wednesday 0
12/6/2007 Thursday In Deed 1000
12/7/2007 Friday In Deed 1000
12/8/2007 Saturday In Deed 1000
5100 Total
728 Average

More than last week, but less than I’d like.

And I’ve got to find a way to make that chart look better, too.

As you can see, I’m working on a text version of “In Deed” from the Book of Dark Places. Officially this is a short story, but it will involve multiple chapters and might turn out to be a nice piece of serial fiction. My intention is to get two chapters done before I post the first one, and continue to keep one in “reserve” in case I need to change something. Also, the first two chapters (hopefully just the first) will cover all the events that happened in the original webcomic version up to the point where I stopped. There are some significant changes to the narrative, but I’ll cover that in more detail when I get ready to put the first chapter in the library.

As much as I would like to work on just one project at a time, I don’t think this is going to happen here. In fact, today I started on a completely different story that I will probably spend tomorrow finishing, and then back to “In Deed” later in the week. Maybe. What does this mean for a completion date for “In Deed”? I don’t know…

…but I’m writing, and that’s better than nothing.


  1. nate, December 10, 2007:

    Patiently waiting.

  2. Kragon, December 10, 2007:

    I agree with nate. Can’t wait to read it.

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