From the Archives: The Nature of Magic

This isn’t a story fragment, just an interesting quote I found in a text file:

“Magic is in the enigmas and mysteries, puzzles and paradoxes. At times there may be words that must be said, or rituals that must be performed… but the power lies not within these things. It lies in the willingness to do things that other men will not. To think the unthinkable, fathom the unfathomable. Conceive the inconceivable. The difference between the possible and the impossible is merely the degree to which you will go to change the latter into the former. That is the Art. Most men will never learn it, simply because they are too lazy… or because they have been deluded into thinking that it is not real… that the line between possible and impossible is inviolate by definition.”

This is from plans that I had for a serial fiction story about (duh) magic. What makes this interesting is that this wasn’t a fantasy story, but a modern setting. You know… cars and guns… like Crusade. In it, an artist finds himself initiated in the ways of modern magic by a reclusive master who has an ulterior motive. This master has been “cursed” by one of his peers in such a way that he cannot wield magic of his own, but if he can teach it to someone else… someone who has a natural talent for such things… then he can still achieve his revenge. I still might turn this one into reality.


  1. Loki, December 11, 2007:

    First line of it caught my attention. Please write..:P

  2. udgang99, December 11, 2007:

    Yes, please write … we wont mind!

  3. nate, December 12, 2007:

    A master who cannot wield magic of his own, so he’s cultivating someone who can do it for him.

    Reminds me of N’doki in December Nights II.

  4. DarkIcon, December 12, 2007:

    It’s already on my list of things I’m considering. I didn’t expect there’d be this much interest, especially based on just a quote. Who knows; I might just give it a go. The original concept was for a series of novel-length stories, and I’m not quite ready for that kind of undertaking just yet. But I could modify the concept. Most of the old notes are gone, but I can still remember the details pretty clearly. We’ll see.

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