Writing Journal 12/16/07

12/9/2007 Sunday : “The deal” 700
12/10/2007 Monday : “In Deed” 1000
12/11/2007 Tuesday : “In Deed” 500
12/12/2007 Wednesday: “In Deed” 1000
12/13/2007 Thursday: – 0
12/14/2007 Friday: – 0
12/15/2007 Saturday: – 0
3200 Total
457 Average

Oh yeah, I’m crankin’ out the words now, boy!

Hell, I’m so busy writing that I couldn’t even post my weakly (sp intentional) status report!


So anyway, I’ve finished chapter 1 of “In Deed” and I’ve done a rough draft on a short-short story called “The Deal.” Remember, chapter 1 won’t be posted until I’m done with chapter 2, because I get the strong feeling that I’ll be going back and changing some stuff. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with “The Deal”… I may try to use it for marketing purposes; get it posted on some fiction website somewhere with a link back to my main site. If so, I’ll be sure and let everybody know.


  1. nate, December 18, 2007:

    Just keep going, and good luck. It’s good to know that you’re back doing something you really enjoy.

  2. Kragon, December 18, 2007:

    I agree with nate. Just keep pounding out those words and we will keep reading them. And good luck!

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