Flash Fiction: Same Old Game… Brand New Rules.

A year ago, I didn’t even know Haiti had organized crime. But now I’ve got a new respect for the bastards. They changed the game completely. We found our last informant’s head in a box, buried in a corn field. Finding him wasn’t that hard. Once we got close we could just follow the screams.

I haven’t figured out how a severed head can scream, either. But there it is…


  1. Loki, December 28, 2007:


  2. nate, December 28, 2007:

    Flash Fiction: Oops!

    The military site had been abandoned for years, yet still drew massive amounts of power. Bypassing the defenses, we entered. After breaching the final defense we realized why they were less lethal than they had been at first. They weren’t designed to keep people out, but to keep IT in!

  3. DarkIcon, December 28, 2007:

    Oops indeed!

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