Donation Rewards

Beginning now, anyone who donates $5.00 to will get a special thank-you gift.

I will write one story every month that I will give out as a gift for people who help support this site. The story will change every month, so if you donate $5.00 this month, you get a story… and if you donate another $5.00 next month, you get a different story. Keep in mind that you are not buying the stories, you are receiving them as a thank you gift for donating.

The “donate” button on the donations page has been changed so that it only accepts $5.00 donations (Previously it would allow you to enter in your own amount). This change is so that I can distribute the story automatically for people who donate the correct amount. I will probably place another button beside it for people who wish to donate different amounts, but I haven’t done it yet and there’s no timetable for getting it done. Once the donation is complete, PayPal should send you to a “Thank You” page where you can download the PDF file containing that month’s story. If it does not, let me know. The mechanics of the whole process may change as I figure out new/better ways of doing it, but for now this only works for exact $5.00 donations via the PayPal button on the donations page. Donations of other amounts or through other links will involve me having to email the story to you, and neither of us wants me doing that on a regular basis.

About the Stories:

The stories will be self-contained and complete… no excerpts, teasers, or chapters from longer works. You will be able to read and enjoy them without having to have read anything else, and without having to pay another $5.00 to read another chapter later. This doesn’t mean that these stories won’t be related to other projects (or each other), though.

The stories will be horror, science fiction, and fantasy. I’ll try to keep them distributed equally among those three genres.

The stories will be the same type of content you see in the Library… so they might (or might not) contain violence and language that aren’t suitable for children. At this time, I do not see myself adding “warnings” to every single one; assume each one has “naughty words” and if they don’t… then they just don’t; sorry to disappoint you.

The stories will be short… in the neighborhood of 1000 to 8000 words, as a very rough guess. Expect shorter rather than longer. I do not intend to write an entire novel (or novella) and give it away every month. When the story changes at the end of the month, I will let you know the genre and the length. If it is an unusually long story, I might post an excerpt.

The stories will not be available for free later on. Once the month is over, that month’s story goes in my vault and you will not see it in the Library or freely available anywhere online. I may include them in a collection or anthology, but whatever I decide to do will involve paying for them. If you see one for free somewhere it is either an accident or someone is distributing it without permission.

That’s it. Go enjoy the stories.


  1. nate, December 16, 2008:

    This has been on hiatus for most of the year. Will it continue in 2009, or is the experiment over?

  2. DarkIcon, December 16, 2008:

    Most likely, I won’t be continuing it. There just wasn’t enough interest. I think there COULD be enough interest with a larger amount of traffic to the site, but as it was I was writing stories that only two or three people would read.

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