January Reward: Whatever Comes Along

The January 2008 reward for donating $5.00 is a horror story called “Whatever Comes Along”. Its 2200 words of happy holiday cheer! Or not.

The download will be valid from now until the last day of the January, at which time a different story will be available.


  1. udgang99, December 31, 2007:

    Great story … I would love to see more from this “world”!!!

  2. nate, January 2, 2008:

    Ok, so how long after I make the donation until I get the reward? I’m at work and would rather be reading….

  3. DarkIcon, January 2, 2008:

    The link should have been on the “Thank You” page that paypal sent you to. I’m assuming that’s what happened with Kim (the person who commented right above you). But in case something went wrong, I’ll send it to you now.

  4. nate, January 2, 2008:

    I don’t see a link on the email from Paypal, but maybe it was on the web page and I just missed it. I’ll pay better attention next month.

    Thanks for sending me the file. Looks like no work for the next few minutes.

  5. nate, January 2, 2008:

    Nice premise. Don’t want to give anything away. I thought the story was ok. Keep at it.

  6. udgang99, January 2, 2008:

    Actually, I almost missed the link myself!!!
    As far as I remember (the old memory isn’t what it used to be) after I had click “confirm the deal” (or whatever it says), I get a button saying something like “go back to darkicon.com”, and when I clicked yes to that, THERE was the link. It’s didn’t come in an email.

  7. DarkIcon, February 3, 2008:


    It’s February now, so this story is no longer available. A new reward is available for Feb. donations.

    Three people donated $5.00 to the site; and that’s one person more than I thought. Thanks to all of you and I hope you enjoyed the story.

  8. udgang99, February 4, 2008:

    I did !!! ;-)

  9. nate, February 4, 2008:

    I’m guessing I was #3?

    I did enjoy the story, and you should be receiving another donation after next payday. I’m currently $200 over budget due to my kids, so right now the extra $5 is hard to scrounge up.

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